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Gregg Bradstock, Stephanie, Zoe & Zach Aldrich, Essential South Island Tour, travelled on 30 December 2018

—Awesome trip overall

14 Days

Awesome trip overall - we all really enjoyed it. We do have a few suggestions for improving the experience for future customers.  Our biggest comment was that In Queenstown, it would have been nice to know that the hotel we were staying at was a 30-minute water taxi away from the downtown area.  It was a nice hotel, but I think we'd have preferred staying in Queenstown proper

Other comments:

1) We LOVED the George in Christchurch, and its concierge, Mark, who had some great suggestions for our time there and found us a last minute dinner reservation on New Year's Eve (that is one place I feel you dropped the ball - you and talked about your making a reservation, but it wasn't done; someone else in the office helped out, but it was Mark who found the perfect place for us.)

2) Suggested stops and hikes along our drive were great – we especially loved Lake Tekapo and the Observatory.

3) Mt. Cook was a real highlight - and the excursion was awesome.

4) The Milford Sound day was wonderful, in spite of having our flight back cancelled.

5) Absolutely loved Wanaka - esp the Tin Tub lodge, and could easily have spent more time here.

6) Franz Joseph was disappointing b/c we didn't get to see the glacier, but we did get great massages at the hotel.

7) We liked the Tranzalpine train, but honestly, as a non-driver on the trip, I got as much from our drive days as I did from the train ride.  I liked it but I wouldn't say it was a highlight. 

8) We had you schedule our flight back to Auckland, and it gave us a 6-hour layover in Auckland - my bad for not asking you about flight times, but I would have opted for a shorter layover even if it cost more.  It would have been nice to have had the options offered and been able to make the choice.

9) All the transfer drivers were lovely and on time.

Like I said, only very small disappointments on an overall fantastic trip.  thank you so much for all you help

—Gregg Bradstock, Stephanie, Zoe & Zach Aldrich, USA

30 December 2018