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Aivars Valainis & Vita Berzkalne, Custom North to South Tour , Travelled on 4th January 2012

—We got only the best impressions from the trip.

28 Days
Tour review from Aivars Valainis & Vita Berzkalne, LVA

Trip to New Zealand from 04.01.2012. – 31.01.2012. Trip from north to south island, self-drive Vita, Aivars – Latvia, Europe First of all, we’d like to thank David and Cary, and Angela for planning our trip. Our first trip to New Zealand - North Island was in year 2008 for five days. At the time we got know David, Cary and the company "Fine Tour New Zealand”. Then they made such a nice trip for us, that we choose them and "Fine Tour New Zealand” once again.

This time we wanted a longer trip - travel to the North and South island and Stuart Island too. We got only the best impressions from the trip. First time in our lives we drove a car, which wheel was in the right side. We didn`t have any problems, only the first day – we tried to switch on the turn signal, but got window washers instead!

Ha ha ha! That was funny. We have traveled a lot in Europe and hotels in New Zealand were surprise for us. If in Europe there are breakfast and simple apartment for two people, then in New Zealand apartments are more like flats with all utilities: lux kitchens, washer, coffee and tee automat etc.

At the first we didn’t like that there isn’t any breakfast in the mornings, but at the end of our trip we changed our mind and we liked it very much. We could buy our own food and make breakfast whenever we wanted and sometimes even eat in bed. That was really nice.

Traveling we made an opinion, that New Zealand contains characteristics from the entire world. There are tropical places: palms, nice beaches like at the Mediterranean Sea. There are mountains like in the Alps and volcanoes like other places in the world. There are steppes like in Russia. There are glaciers like in the Alps and other mountains. There are fjords like in Norway. There are very big plains and a lot of other things. Ou.. and many, many sheep, we liked them so much!

Another surprise was traffic. There were so few cars on the road. We drove protractedly and met just a few cars. That was unusual if we compare with traffic in Europe. In internet forums we have read that New Zealand and rain is the same. We prepared for rainy time, but mostly we had a sun. That was lucky. We couth the sun both Milford Sound, and Stewart Island, and Franz Josef Glacier, and Mt. Cook. All these day we had luck with the sun. We were happy about that. The only day, when we had a rain, was a day when we went to distal north point, to Cape Reinga. We were in all furthest points in New Zealand, except the east. In New Zealand are very beautiful and interesting flora and fauna. Two birds we liked very much – Veka, which is very similar our chicken only without wings and always has a good appetite, and Kakapo, which is more like parrot and liked nuts. We were upset, when saw a Christchurch center. It was completely damaged and confined area.

Most of all we liked National Park of Abel Tasman and Chalets, where we lived. Bays and sun, beaches, amazing nature and hike to one lounge where we had a really delicious meal and had one of the most delicious wine in New Zealand. Once more we want say thank you very much to „Fine Tour New Zealand” and David un his wife Cary and Angela. We advise them to all travelers.

—Aivars Valainis & Vita Berzkalne, LVA

4 January 2012