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Hamilton City

Hamilton City is New Zealand’s largest inland settlement. Centred on the Mighty Waikato River the city grew from the abandoned Maori Settlement that the Waikato Militia then occupied. The river has provided a very important trade route for many centuries and today still provides power and water.

Hamilton Gardens spectacular 58 hectares of displays and collections provide a wonderful sanctuary within the city for its residents and visitors. The Waikato Museum of Art and History boasts an impressive collection of Maori wood carvings, many recovered from local swamps and waterways.

The MV Waipa Delta still plies the waters of the Waikato River taking trips along the waterway. This 1877 vessel takes visitors from Memorial Park along the river and its classic bridges and picturesque tree lined banks.

A good selection of cafes, restaurants and shopping is available in the town centre.


Nikau Gloworm Cave

Nikau Gloworm Cave

Experience the wonders of Glowworms, start your tour by walking to the cave through a working farm and native rainforest. The tour follows the stream which runs through the cave. Most of the cave is open and spacious except for a twenty-metre length, which must be crawled through, you may get wet in this section! An experienced guide will lead you through the cave and will point out many interesting features and give you some background on their formation. A wide variety of stalactites and stalagmites can be seen, including giant pillars, fine straws and flowing shawls. The cave has an abundance of calcite formations and many glow-worms. The glow-worms and their dewy threads may be studied up close. In the big, cathedral-like cavern they resemble the night sky. At the end of the cave steps lead up through a beautiful native rainforest. The final leg of the tour comes out onto the farm with wide views and a glimpse of the sea, before returning downhill to the café.

New Zealand Touring Styles

A popular style of touring is to take a preplanned self drive road trip.  After a thorough consultation with you we expertly plan and create your self drive tour around New Zealand. These tours allow you the freedom to explore at leisure with the comfort and security of pre-booked activities and accommodations. Route suggestions, APP guidance plus local support mean your New Zealand vacation is in safe hands. See self drive ideas here

If you prefer to let someone else do the work then an escorted small group tour might be for you. Our sister company at New Zealanbd Coach has a range of hand picked small group itineraries are ideal if you prefer to travel in the company of like minded people. Tours are limited to a certain number of participants which means different accommodation options, exclusive activities and of course a knowledgeable guide ensures you get to see the best of New Zealand. See small group tours here. 

A private guided tour offers true flexibility and the security of a knowledgeable local guiding you all the way. Well planned itineraries ensure you see exactly what you want to see but with your own driver-guide you can adapt to suit the day or your preference. 100% tailor-made to suit you a private tour is a great option when travelling as a small group. All our self drive itineraries can be replanned and priced using a private driver and guide, so if it is what you fancy just contact us to discuss.

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