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Do I need a visa to visit New Zealand?

Until October 2019 most visitors to New Zealand do not require a visa to enter for the purpose of a holiday or vacation under or visa waiver program.

You can see if you qualify for this by visiting the New Zealand Immigration website here.

If you do need a visa to visit New Zealand then you should contact the New Zealand consulate in your home country. We can assist with this process by providing a copy of your booked itinerary if required.

Note regarding Travelling via Australia: nearly all visitors to Australia require a visa to enter, even if you only transit. It is the responsibility of the travel agent or airline to advise you of this requirement but please make sure you ask about this if you know you are travelling via Australia.

On 01 October 2019 the visa regulations for New Zealand change and a new ETA visa will be required. This can be applied for after 01 July 2019.