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Experience of the week: Arthur's Pass Wilderness Lodge

New Zealand Wilderness Lodge in Arthur's Pass combines premier accommodation, fine food, warm hospitality and wilderness experiences.

Built on a 6000 acre merino sheep station and nature reserve, the lodge offers an extensive array of outdoor and nature experiences.

Waimakariri Valley, Arthurs Pass

What is the experience?

The lodge offers an opportunity to enjoy premium kiwi hospitality and experience truly wild New Zealand with many opportunities to explore its wild surrounds.

Gerry McSweeney & Ann Saunders built this unique New Zealand lodge to share their love of our wild, yet beautiful, country with visitors from all over the world. You can choose to explore the property on your own, or join a real farmer guide to discover the fascinating landscape.

On arrival you are given maps and information on the network of surrounding nature walks, forest and tussock trails. Included your night’s stay are two guided farm or nature activities, offering a fascinating introduction into natural history and New Zealand farming life.

You can watch a Border Collie sheep dog work the farm, hand feed tame sheep and learn all about New Zealand merino wool. The beech forest surrounding the lodge is full of native birdlife and special plants. Your guide will educate you on the native fauna and flora of the New Zealand Wilderness.

Where is it located?

Arthur's Pass National Park is midway between the South Island’s West Coast and Christchurch, in the heart of The Southern Alps. The lodge sits on a 6000 acre merino sheep farm and nature reserve.

Who would enjoy this?

Wilderness lodge is a paradise for nature lovers who want to stay in comfortable quality accommodation. Experiencing the New Zealand wilderness does not have to involve sleeping in a tent on the hard ground. You can walk from your room into the wilderness or explore further afield in Arthur's Pass National Park, Craigieburn Forest Park and Torlesse Conservation Park. After a day of exploring simply return to the comfort of the lodge and enjoy fine dining and warm hospitality.

Interesting fact?

Merino sheep are a resilient breed that thrive in the extreme temperature in New Zealand’s South Island high country. Merino wool is known for having some of the finest and softest wool of any breed of sheep. To put it into perspective, the wool fiber thickness is measured in microns. The average human hair is 60 microns, whereas merino wool ranges from just 13-21 microns.