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Experience of the Week: Cycling New Zealand's Twin Coast Cycle Trail

Twin Coast Cycle Trail, New Zealand

What is the experience?

The Twin Coast Cycle Trail is the northernmost trail in a group of New Zealand’s great rides. These are a nationwide network of trails built to showcase the best of New Zealand’s landscape, environment, culture and heritage.

Where is it located?

The trails are located in Pou Herenga Tai up in Northland 4.5 hours from Auckland and an hour from Whangarei. You can also get direct flights from Auckland to Whangarei or even scheduled buses from the cities.

Who would enjoy this?

Novice cyclists, families and others seeking a very easy cycling experience. Any bike is suitable for riding grade 1 cycle trails, including touring bikes, single speed bikes and children’s bikes.

Interesting fact?

The trail will pass through New Zealand's earliest European and Maori settlements and a unique feature on the trail is a series of Pou (posts to mark territorial boundaries), carved by iwi (tribe/people), which recalls the history and stories of both iwi (Maori people) and Pakeha (European decent) settlements. Northland was also the birth to the Treaty of Waitangi.

Scenery on the Twin Coast Cycle Trail