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New Zealand Tours | Penguin Conservation

Take a Penguin Place Conservation Resource Centre tour for a unique insight into the rare New Zealand Yellow Eyed Penguin.

Penguins on the beach

What is the experience?

The Penguin Place is a private conservation project dedicated to helping the endangered Yellow Eyed Penguin Survive in the wild. Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness these rare birds in their natural habitat.

You’ll learn about the issues facing the birds, their life cycle and how this project is carried out. Following an experienced guide, you’ll go through a system of covered trenches into viewing hides where you’ll catch a glimpse of the birds up close as they return to their nests after feeding at sea.

A wonderful informative ecological experience, you’ll come away with great insight into the precarious existence of these beautiful birds.

Where is it located?

The penguin place is located at 45 Pakihau Road, Harington Point, Dunedin.

Who will enjoy this?

Anyone with a love of animals or interested in the conservation of rare and endangered species.

Fine Tours Factoid?

When the Penguin Place was first started, in 1985, there were just eight breeding pairs on the site. Now 36 pairs make Penguin Place their home.