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Pack like a pro: our top ten travel packing trips

For some, the act of packing the perfect suitcase is almost an art form - for others it’s a tedious task resulting in last minute panic. We confess, at Fine Tours New Zealand we identify more with the latter!

So (in case you’re like us) here’s a few of our favorite travel packing tips to make your next experience a little easier.

Girl packing a suitcaseq

Write it all down.
Ok this is kind of obvious, but essential. Don’t be the one who arrives on a winter holiday with summer clothes. Make a detailed list of everything you’ll need several days before your departure. Planning early ensures you don't forget anything important and also allows for time to go out and buy any extra things you've run out of.

Check your baggage allowance before you travel
There’s nothing worse than getting hit with huge fees because your luggage is overweight. Spend some time familiarising yourself with the maximum weight your airline allows and weight you bag accurately before you leave for the airport.

Top Top #1: If you find your bag is too heavy, consider getting rid of any non-essential liquid items - you can always buy travel minis at the airport or your destination.

Ensure all your essentials are in your carry-on luggage
The last thing you need is to get through security and discover you’ve left your wallet or passport in your checked luggage. So save yourself a headache and pack your carry-on bag first - this way you know you’ll never be caught short.

Roll your clothes
This is a tip all good packers should know! Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is a significant space saver will allow you to fit much more in your case. For bulkier items such as coats or denim, fold and use as a flat base.

Utilize extra space
Maximise every available space in luggage by filling shoes with smaller items such as socks and underwear.

Top Tip #2: If your vacation is a winter one opt for thin layers such as microfleece and a light down jacket instead of a large bulky coat. Layers give you greater temperature flexibility while thin down and fleece keep you toasty without adding weight.

Bring a stuff sack
Pack a lightweight compression bag to use for dirty washing and minimize the space your used clothes take up on the journey home - any extra space souvenirs is fine by us!

Use Cable ties and Zip lock bags
Making use of cable ties will keep your cords tangle free, while organizing gadgets into zip lock bags will keep them neat with an added layer of protection.

Add an extra layer of leak protection
If you do have liquids in your checked luggage, add an extra layer of protection by removing the container lid and wrapping it with cling-film then replacing the top and sealing the outside with a heavy duty tape - goodbye leaks!

Invest in a kindle or e-reader.
There's nothing quite like relaxing on vacation with a good book..but books are hard to travel with and take up valuable space! So we recommend getting an e-reader or kindle. Even lighter than a normal book, an e-reader is like having an endless library - perfect for traveling.