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Learn all about glamping and what to expect


So what exactly is glamping?

Glamping, or luxury/glamorous camping, is a way to get back to nature and experience the beauty and freedom of camping, without being deprived of those little creature comforts that you may struggle to go without.

Forget the messy business of erecting tents, building fires and digging long drops. A glamping experience will see you snuggling down into a warm, comfy bed, with a hot shower ready and waiting. All the necessary kitchen accessories needed to create a delicious home-cooked meal are at your fingertips, or, if you’re feeling particularly luxurious, some glamping providers will deliver delicious, fully-prepped meals straight to your camp!

Leave the hustle and bustle of big city life behind and escape to your own, secluded corner of the world. Adventure, climb a mountain, plunge into the open sea, venture into a forest, explore a hidden valley – dare to be free!

Glamping at Hurunui Jacks, New Zealand

Reasons to embrace the glamping experience

Adventures are plentiful: Go for a hike and work up a sweat, get dirty and hit up some mountain bike trails, float in a kayak over the glassy surface of a lake or river, spend a peaceful afternoon trying to spot local wildlife hidden in the trees. Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to the outdoors and there are endless opportunities to enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

It’s good for the environment: Most glamping providers have embraced eco-friendly practices, utilising re-cycled or repurposed materials to create their camps. Home comforts like a hot shower and cooking facilities are still readily available, most often provided via eco-friendly solar panels and either gas or wood burning stoves and fires.

It’s oh so comfortable: If you want to experience a camping adventure but do not relish the thought of erecting a tent, sleeping on a thread-bare camping mat or shivering in your thin sleeping bag, glamping will have you snuggled into a deliciously warm and comfortable bed and there will be a hot shower or bath waiting for you once you've finished your day of adventuring!

You will get back to nature: There is no better way to reconnect with nature than to spend a few days living in it. Glamping is the perfect way to relax and take the opportunity to experience all the wonderful benefits that getting back to nature can offer. Breathe in the fresh air, settle back into the natural sleeping rhythms of night and day, relish in magnificent scenery and gain an appreciation for the animals and plants that have made the forests, beaches and mountains their homes.

So instead of hitting up another hotel, why not take a look at some of the wonderful glamping experiences that can be had throughout New Zealand. Stay in a tent over-looking the wild west coast, explore the surrounding forest of a safari-style camp, or sink into the cosy bed of a rustic earth house. Embrace nature and feel yourself relax and recharge with a unique and exciting adventure.