What is the most important thing in the world?
It is people, it is people, it is people (Maori proverb)

About Fine Tours New Zealand

It's actually more about you than us .. but since you asked...

Fine Tours New Zealand was created in 2004 and although many things have changed since then the most important reason for our success hasn't - and that's an uncompromising determination to deliver the best experience to our guests.
We carefully select the people we work with to ensure we deliver a great experience at every interaction, from the very first email or phone call to the last farewell.
We believe nothing is better than honest, old fashioned person to person service from someone on the ground, right here in New Zealand who is passionate about the product they represent. So give us a call today to talk about your plans and let us show you want a true specialist can do. after all when the experience matters, experience matters!

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The Tiaki Promise
Tiaki means to care for people and place

New Zealand is precious and however we travel, we all have a responsibility to look after this country.
The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand now and for future generations. We at Fine Tours New Zealand are committed to this promise. 
By following the Tiaki Promise, you are also making a commitment to New Zealand and acting as a guardian protecting and preserving our home. 

Fine Tours New Zealand supports the Tiaki Promise
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Staff list
Chelsea Lodge
Chelsea Lodge

Travel Specialist

My favourite New Zealand Experience:  Milford Track Day Walk, it's great to get into the wilderness and work for that tasty New Zealand Chocolate treat.

Whatever kind of tour you are after or even if you're not quite sure yet, I can help! I have spent many years working in travel and tourism in New Zealand and there's not much I don't know. Get in touch and tell me about yourself.  Together we can organise an itinerary that coordinates perfectly with what you like to do.

Telephone: +6432228021
Christina Brockie
Christina Brockie

Travel Specialist

My favourite New Zealand Experience:  Franz Josef Glacier Helihike, this is a brilliant way to see these spectacular and powerful natural formations.

For me, New Zealand is all about hidden gems and getting away from the crowd.  So much that New Zealand has to offer is in its natural beauty - it has that by the bucket load. I have worked with the team here for many years and it won't take me long to make you the perfect itinerary.

Telephone: +6434430892
Liz Wilson
Liz Wilson

Sales Manager

My favourite New Zealand Experience:  Skyline Queenstown, An pleasant ride to the top overlooking dramatic Queenstown, then a few rides on the luge, Skyline makes for a perfect day trip for the family.

A problem solver at heart I am here to make sure our team of experienced consultants have all the tools they need to make your New Zealand holiday dreams come true.

Telephone: +6434430842
Louise Barrett
Louise Barrett

Travel Specialist

My favourite New Zealand Experience:  Te Puia combo pass, wood carving, weaving schools, cultural experience and Hangi – the food was phenomenal!

Although from Australia I have enjoyed a lot of exploring in New Zealand and put my extensive portfolio into great use when I create an itinerary for my clients. So give me a call and let's talk about what suits you.

Telephone: +6434430895
Shelley Ryder
Shelley Ryder

Travel Specialist

My favourite New Zealand Experience:  Abel Tasman Kayaking, time to relax soak up the sun and enjoy the sandy beaches.

I have years of experience selling New Zealand holidays and having grown up here a whole lot more information that I am bursting to share. Tell me about yourself and I will be your guide to New Zealand.  I'll help you plan the journey from start to finish and be here while you travel providing on the ground support should you ever find you need me.

Telephone: +6434430846
Our company Values

Stay True - Each day we choose to work with integrity, honesty and to be completely authentic with our team, suppliers and clients.

Band Together - We collaborate, empathise and support the people we work with, customers, clients and the great team we are apart of.  

Look Beyond - Here at Fine Tours New Zealand, we are always looking to adapt, be innovative, flexible and fair in an ever-changing travel market.

Empower - Within our business, we love to empower all our clients to choose the best experience for them. We are here to support you all of the way!