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5 of the finest New Zealand Wineries to visit on your holiday

You’ll become a kiwi-convert when you try a vintage from one of these five finest New Zealand Wineries.

Rippon Vineyard, Wanaka

Rippon Vineyard, Wanaka.

Arguably the most picturesque of wineries, Rippon is situated on the brow of a gently slowing hill. With panoramic views of the lake and mountain surround it’s situated in the southernmost wine growing region in the world Central Otago. Rippon produces organic wine, meaning it uses no chemical fertilizer or pesticides and relies on a holistic understanding of the wine-making process. Rippon is known for its Riesling and Osteiner.

Trinity Hill, Hawkes Bay.

Located in the bed of the former Ngaruroro River, this vineyard has won several awards, both for architecture and viticulture. With several industry heavyweights at the helm, it produces a wide range of varietals including a renowned Chardonnay, and Syrah.

Herzog Vineyard, Marlborough

Greywacke, Marlborough.

From New Zealand's Sandstone Greywacke comes the name of this New Zealand winery owned by Kevin and Kimberly Judd. Situated in the stony ground of Marlborough where 73 percent of the country’s wine is produced - Greywacke is best known for it’s ‘wild sauvignon’ - a varietal using wild yeast that tastes of thyme and toasted sesame.

Palliser Estate, Martinborough.

A boutique vineyard in the heart of the Wairarapa wine region, Pallisers is a veteran in the industry. Known for it’s award winning pinot noirs and chardonnays this estate has an on-site cooking school which further compliments its viticulture.

Herzog, Marlborough.

Another prominent winery in New Zealand’s most prominent wine-growing region. With 29 grape varietals, this vineyard is focused on low yield, non-interventional wine-making. It’s award winning produce is complimented by its Michelin-starred on-site restaurant and bistro.

Wine and food at Herzog, Marlborough