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Tour Reviews

Dennis & Amanda Ritchie and Stephen & Hannah Stinger, Customised Auckland to Queenstown Iconic Highlights, Travelled on 6 March 2019

—We just wanted to thank you for making our adventure in New Zealand so successful!

“As we try to get over lingering jet lag, we just wanted to thank you for making our adventure in New Zealand so successful. We had a ball, in no small part, to all the customizing you did. Your picks on hotels were all perfect. We wanted to stay an extra day for every one of them. The real treat and help for us was the comprehensive packet of information that you provided. The directions, explanations of what to expect to see on each leg of the trip, and the very good atlas all came in handy repeatedly.”

—Dennis & Amanda Ritchie and Stephen & Hannah Stinger, USA

Shelia and Bill Atkins & Nancy and Dean Mowrey, Essential South Island, Travelled on 2 March 2019

—The tour was wonderful. Very professional and no surprises.

“The tour was wonderful. Very professional and no surprises. Our Tour representative changed multiple times during the reservation process however our trip was planned perfectly. The inns and hotels were just as described and no surprises. Mt. Cook and Milford Sound was the highlight of our 2 week journey. So sad for our Christchurch new friends... The city has so much to offer and did not deserve the problems they have endured. Best place to eat in Christchurch is Fiddlesticks....we went there 3 times. Great food and great service. Hope to return again...Oh, and by the will LOVE Air New Zealand..we love Zealand!”

—Shelia and Bill Atkins & Nancy and Dean Mowrey, USA

Jean Radtke & Erik Madisen, Behind The Scenes Experience, Travelled on 15 February 2019

—The most remarkable and beautiful vacation of our lifetime

“Thank you for giving my husband and me the most remarkable and beautiful vacation of our lifetime. From the great cities like Auckland and Queenstown, to the beauty of mountains, vineyards and stargazing, to adventures like Hobbiton, Whale-watching and the Kiwi Encounter, it was the most enjoyable vacation we've ever had. The people (Kiwi) and the place are beautiful!”

—Jean Radtke & Erik Madisen, USA

Dirk & Marian Edmiston, Customised 17 Day Essential Wine Adventure, Travelled on 26 January 2019

—Very much enjoyed the trip and your follow up

“Very much enjoyed the trip and your follow up. Couple of thoughts: 1. Would have stayed at least two nights at each location, one nighters are tough. 2. Ratings by us of lodgings: Top to bottom.. Peppers on Point, Q'Town, Peppertree, Bolton, Sofitel, Montreal, Wanaka Home, Hermitage, McHardy, Beaufort. 3. After Christchurch should have gone to Dunedin area. 4. Wine was great!”

—Dirk & Marian Edmiston, USA

Evan & Kaitlin Easley, The Ultimate Customised Middle Earth Tour, travelled on 9th January 2019

—I have so many wonderful things to say about Fine Tours New Zealand

“I have so many wonderful things to say about Fine Tours New Zealand. My husband and I had been planning a trip to New Zealand for years and with Fine Tours, our trip was even better than we could have even imagined. Laura was amazing at coordinating everything. It took the stress out of the specifics of planning. I just had to pick areas we wanted to go and Laura would suggest activities and pick hotels in our budget. We flew into Auckland. The airport transfer was easy and smooth. Receiving the rental car two days later went perfectly. The guidebook was wonderful with all of the directions if the GPS was unclear. We could just relax and enjoy the vacation following all of Laura’s instructions laid out. All but two of the hotels we stayed at were absolutely amazing. The other two were just decent. However, Laura picked hotels that were easy walking distance to town centers with dining, shopping and activities. Her planning made the trip so easy and enjoyable. I would have had a hard time finding that good of hotel deals in our budget. Then there were the activities. Each was better than the next. Some were things we wouldn’t have thought to do but we are so glad we did-caving in Waitomo? It was amazing. The Edoras Lord of the Rings bus tour was so beautiful. Even if someone didn’t enjoy Lord of the Rings, the scenery on that trip was just breathtaking. I am so grateful to Fine Tours for flawlessly arranging such an amazing trip for us.  ”

—Evan & Kaitlin Easley, USA

Gregg Bradstock, Stephanie, Zoe & Zach Aldrich, Essential South Island Tour, travelled on 30 December 2018

—Awesome trip overall

“Awesome trip overall - we all really enjoyed it. We do have a few suggestions for improving the experience for future customers.  Our biggest comment was that In Queenstown, it would have been nice to know that the hotel we were staying at was a 30-minute water taxi away from the downtown area.  It was a nice hotel, but I think we'd have preferred staying in Queenstown proper Other comments: 1) We LOVED the George in Christchurch, and its concierge, Mark, who had some great suggestions for our time there and found us a last minute dinner reservation on New Year's Eve (that is one place I feel you dropped the ball - you and talked about your making a reservation, but it wasn't done; someone else in the office helped out, but it was Mark who found the perfect place for us.) 2) Suggested stops and hikes along our drive were great – we especially loved Lake Tekapo and the Observatory. 3) Mt. Cook was a real highlight - and the excursion was awesome. 4) The Milford Sound day was wonderful, in spite of having our flight back cancelled. 5) Absolutely loved Wanaka - esp the Tin Tub lodge, and could easily have spent more time here. 6) Franz Joseph was disappointing b/c we didn't get to see the glacier, but we did get great massages at the hotel. 7) We liked the Tranzalpine train, but honestly, as a non-driver on the trip, I got as much from our drive days as I did from the train ride.  I liked it but I wouldn't say it was a highlight.  8) We had you schedule our flight back to Auckland, and it gave us a 6-hour layover in Auckland - my bad for not asking you about flight times, but I would have opted for a shorter layover even if it cost more.  It would have been nice to have had the options offered and been able to make the choice. 9) All the transfer drivers were lovely and on time. Like I said, only very small disappointments on an overall fantastic trip.  thank you so much for all you help”

—Gregg Bradstock, Stephanie, Zoe & Zach Aldrich, USA

Alastair and Alison Burt, Customised North Island Food and Wine Explorer, travelled on 4th January 2019

—A very smooth and well organised holiday.

“Just a short note to say what a wonderful trip we had in the North Island. It all exceeded expectations. We particularly liked Martinborough and the Foodie tour there, we will be back!  Thanks for all your help, a very smooth and well organised holiday. ”

—Alastair and Alison Burt, AUS

Susan, Leo and Joe Pospichal, Auckland to Queenstown Highlights, travelled on 26th December 2018

—We thoroughly enjoyed our time in New Zealand

“I have been meaning to send you an email to thank you once again for all you did to plan our New Zealand trip.  Everything went smoothly, that is until our last adventure to Milford Sound.  We were really bummed that day because the weather seemed so good at the time in Queenstown, but we do understand that one cannot control the weather, and we would rather be safe than sorry.  Our only day of really bad weather (rainy and cloudy) was the Sunday when we dropped Joe at the airport.  We had nothing on our agenda that day so it became a day of rest and relaxation… we checked out some local stores & the local bowling alley, and took a nap. We were happy with all of our accommodations. We liked the variety that you booked for us… from the executive suites in Blenheim to the comfy motel rooms with the great views at Mt. Cook to the quiet location and cabin-feel of the Kinross Cottages to the city hotels with great locations in Rotorua, Wellington, and Queenstown. Great job! I just wanted to thank you personally for planning our trip and taking time to chat with me when I had questions at the start.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time in New Zealand.  We liked the freedom of being able to make little photo stops when we were driving through the countryside and along the coast.  We saw SO MUCH!  (BTW, I noticed the Fine Tours office location in Wanaka when we visited.  Sorry, but no time to stop in to say “hello” and “thanks”.) Thanks again for making our 2018/2019 winter break a memorable one. ”

—Susan, Leo and Joe Pospichal, SGP

Family from Hong Kong, Essential South Island Highlights tours, travelled on 22nd December 2018

—We had a fabulous 10-day trip to the south island

“I would highly recommend Fine Tours - we had a fabulous 10-day trip to the south island, and Laura put together an incredible itinerary for us that was detailed, just right, and catered to our every need. She booked tours for us that were run by very good operators, we were met and picked up at airports/hotels efficiently - everything was made easy and ran smoothly. We plan to return and north island this year, and will definitely want to work with Laura again’’”

—Alex Yu Ming Kuo, Gloria Tsuen & Daniel Kuo, HKG

Kathy, David, Michelle & Jason Blackburn, Mountains, Lakes and Fiords, Travelled on 22 December 2018

—I would highly recommend Fine Tours New Zealand

“I would highly recommend Fine Tours New Zealand! Jane did an excellent job of listening to me on how we like to vacation, and she put together an itinerary that matched it! We traveled from Queenstown to Christchurch and the itinerary worked out perfectly. Milford Sound and Mt. Cook were the hi-lights of the trip, but we enjoyed all of it! If I get the chance to go back and explore more of New Zealand, I will definitely use Fine Tours! Thanks for an amazing trip!”

—Kathy, David, Michelle & Jason Blackburn, USA