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Final check list tips

We may be experts at taking care of every detail upon your arrival. But there are a few things you’ll need to sort out before you leave. Here’s a few ideas and tips to get you vacation ready and ensure you don't miss anything important:

  1. Check your itinerary and make sure everything is in order and that you understand timings.
  2. Look over your flight details and ensure your name, dates and visas are correct, (don't forget your NZeTA).
  3. Make sure your passport has at least three months remaining on it. New Zealand customs requires this for entry. If you are entering another country in transit on your way here, check the entry conditions. E.g. the United States of America requires six months remaining on your passport.
  4. Everyone who drives in New Zealand must have a valid driving license  - in English. If your first language is not English, then your license must either be accompanied by an approved English translation, or an international driving permit.
  5. Ensure your credit card will work internationally. Unusual activity on a card may result in a hold being placed - so be sure to tell your bank when you are traveling overseas. Visa and master card are readily accepted, but some other providers including American Express are not.
  6. We recommend you get travel insurance to ensure you are covered for any eventuality. Make a digital note of your policy number and plan on your phone or tablet, or print it out and have it with you at all times.
  7. Store copies of all your documents in a separate place to the originals, in case of emergency. We also recommend storing photos digitally on your phone or tablet.
  8. Pre-load important numbers into your phone along with the associated international dialing code.
  9. If you take medication make sure you have sufficient to last you the duration of your trip - and some extra just in case. Ensure it is properly labelled, and check with your doctor in case you need to carry a medical letter stating your intent.
  10. Purchase an electrical adapter for your phone or tablet - except if you are from Australia. Click here to see which one you may need.
  11. Leave a copy of your itinerary with your friends and family so they know how to contact you. The version sent to you in your arrival documents is ideal.

Most visitors to New Zealand fly into one of four international airports located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Queenstown. We've put together some essential information about each of your possible entry points:


Auckland International Airport
International Arrivals
Terminal Services and Facilities
Immigration Requirements
Duty Free Allowances
Airport Maps


Wellington International Airport
Customs and Immigration
International Flight Security
Airport Facilities
International Travel
Airport Maps


Christchurch International Airport
Passenger Information
Airport Information
Rules and Regulations
Duty and Tax Free Shopping
Airport Maps

Queenstown International Airport
International Arrivals Guide
Domestic Arrivals Guide
Airport Guide
Security Information
Duty Free Shopping and Allowances
Airport Maps