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Call us FREE in New Zealand on 1855 277 3818

Travelling by Train

Travelling by train is a fantastic way to see sections of New Zealand as you can sit back and look out the window without having to concentrate on the road.  We can create a seamless journey combining train travel and self drive, with short private transfers to link the two. 

Long Distance Train Travel

There are three main sections of railway line that can be traveled by train.

When planning your holiday in New Zealand consideration of operating days needs to be taken into account. The Coastal Pacific, for instance, runs daily from October to April only.

Train Excursions and Vintage Rail Experiences

As well as the three main trunk lines there are a number of smaller vintage and hobby rail experiences that can be included in your holiday and our travel consultants will be able to suggest options that suit your travel plans.  An example and the most popular of these smaller train journeys is the Taieri Gorge Railway, which operates from Dunedin through to Central Otago, where you can catch a connection to Queenstown or return back to Dunedin.